There's no shortage of places to get doughnuts in Yakima, but Don's Donuts is a step above the rest. They made them local, in-house, early each morning and are always accommodating with a large variety of great quality doughnuts. But, the one to get the next time you're there is the chocolate cake doughnut.

There's something magical about what they do to make them perfect. I've been to Top Pot in Seattle and I've been to VooDoo Doughnuts in Portland and I can honestly say that the chocolate cake doughnut from Don's Donuts are the best cake doughnut I've ever had in my life.

What makes it so great is that most chocolate doughnuts are too chocolaty and almost taste like an artificial chocolate. These are the perfect balance of chocolate for any pastry and they do it consistently. It's the same one every time and that's a good thing.

Although I love the variety at Don's Donuts, I always have to make sure I have a few of the chocolate cake doughnuts in my dozen.

I'd love to hear your favorite doughnut at Don's Donuts. Post it in the comments below and I'll try it the next time I visit.

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