It is go time people! The hubs been asking when we're going to the store to buy all the goods and I kept putting it off until this morning! I decided to hit up Starcycle Yakima for an early ride (currently through the 29th of November they've got 20% off their 10 pack classes) then realized I bet I could beat ALL the crowds if I went around 7 am. Sure enough, it was just me taking from the shelves and the workers filling them back up this morning.

There seems to be a plethora of all the traditional items, the only thing I noticed getting low was the turkey gravy. Last year we attempted to make some with the turkey juices but the detail about continuously stirring is a real one. Everything separated and it was unusable so I stocked up this year on the foolproof stuff!

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Get That Turkey in the Fridge

To cut back on expenses we purchased our turkey last month, she's a beast, weighing in at over 20 pounds so when I cracked the mic this morning to prep people, I found out I am WAY BEHIND on the thawing of the bird! It was supposed to go into the fridge on Friday, November 19th. But we're moving forward. It's in the fridge now and we are hoping for the best.

A few years ago I got the chance to interview a wonderful volunteer from the Butterball Hotline, yes it's a real hotline that will help you get everything in order for your meal or help put out fires, providing tips and tricks and solutions for your last-minute emergencies. You can listen to the entire interview below

Thought About Loved Ones Who Have Passed

If this is your first holiday season missing a recently passed loved one, I had an idea. How about you create their signature dish or maybe they loved a certain drink. Keep their memory alive during the season and make it a tradition that can be repeated each year moving forward!

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