Unfortunately, it can happen to even the most popular of websites -- and eBay is near the top of that list. After a recent security breach, eBay is encouraging everyone to change their passwords.

Ebay fell victim to a cyperattack on users' information -- names, passwords, email, mailing addresses, phone numbers and birth dates. Fortunately, credit card information is stored somewhere else, so that was not affected in this breach.

There's no evidence -- yet -- of anyone using this information for their own benefit, but better safe than sorry.

To change your password:

  • Go to eBay.com
  • Sign in with your current name and password
  • In the upper-left corner it will say "Hi, [your name]" click on that and click Account Settings
  • On the left column, click Personal Information
  • The third option down from Acccount Information is Password. Click Edit
  • It will ask you for your password again (this prevents people from changing your password if you accidentally leave yourself logged in)
  • The next screen will ask for your current password again, then to have you type in your new password.

That's it!

Happy shopping.

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