Do you play any lottery games?

Lotto, Mega Millions, Powerball, all have some very big jackpot opportunities. My game of choice, however, is HIT 5. Sure, the jackpots are generally much smaller, but the odds of winning are so much more realistic. Plus, who wants to be burdened with hundreds of millions of dollars anyway? Three very lucky Washingtonians recently split a large $1.6 Million HIT 5 jackpot - coming away with over half a million each.

Ellensburg Woman Hauls in $533,333 is HIT 5 Drawing

The three Washingtonians who split last week's $1.6 Million HIT 5 Jackpot were spread across the state. According to the Washington State Lottery website, Timothy H. purchased his winning ticket at a Safeway store in Seattle. Donna J. snagged her winning ticket at Kalispel Market in Airways Heights, WA (near Spokane). Perhaps you know Jhanna J. - she purchased the third winning ticket at Super 1 Foods in Ellensburg. After winning in last Thursday's drawing, each of these three lucky people claimed their $533,333 prizes the very next day.

How do you Play HIT 5?

Select five numbers between 1 and 42 or, if you can't decide which numbers are luckiest, do what I do and let the computer pick them for you. This way, you can blame the computer when you don't win. Each play is $1.00.

via Facebook Washington State Lottery
via Facebook Washington State Lottery

How do you Win HIT 5?

First, purchase a ticket. Then, you can win the jackpot if you get all five numbers correct. The odds of winning are 1 in 851,000. But, you also have a chance to win $150 if you pick four of the numbers correctly (1 in 4,600), $15 if three numbers are correct (1 in 128), or get a free HIT 5 ticket if you get two correct numbers (odds 1 in 11). Hit 5 starts at $100,000 and grows each day there is no jackpot winner.

What to do if you Feel you may Have a Gambling Problem

I like HIT 5 because it's a daily game which makes it fun, but, perhaps more addictive. While I use that term loosely, it's no joke to those who actually do battle gambling addiction. If you or someone you love may have a problem, check out this website for help.

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