Sometimes I wonder if we've become numb to our surroundings. Perhaps, we're not consciously noticing things that we're accustomed to seeing on a regular basis. What kinds of things? Well, I'm thinking of things like commercial messages, digital images, advertising impressions, and bad news.

It could be that we see what we want to see and ignore or shove to the back of our consciousness those things that might make us stressed out or angry if we paid them the attention that they're so aggressively attempting to gain.

Case in point: I was going through my Facebook feed just now. Not as I usually might - sort of, mindlessly scrolling downward and waiting to find some funny cat memes or wood smoker recipes or vintage sports highlights. No, this time I was taking note of what I was seeing. I was taking note of how much of what I was seeing in my feed, (allegedly customized for me by Big Brother's algorithms), was actually something I was interested in and how much of it was bad news, political fodder, or stress and anger-inducing.

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Here's what I found: I had to scroll downward for a couple of pages before I found one single thing that wasn't politics or 'news'. This fact alone was beginning to, tick me off. So, then I became determined to not stop on ANYTHING that wasn't something that made me feel good or happy or intrigued or proud or SOMETHING. Anything but this rancorous drivel that's running rampant in our culture. Here are some of my finds:

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Russell Wilson's adorable son, Win Harrison Wilson. Giving his Dad a shout-out for making the 99 Club! According to EA SPORTS:

The Madden NFL 99 Club is a prestigious fraternity, reserved only for the most elite players in the NFL. A 99 OVR is considered the Madden rating summit; it's the highest rating a player can achieve in the game.

Oh, and the Seahawks are at rest during their bye week at a league-leading 5-0. That makes me happy too. Go Hawks!

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Bacon-wrapped Oreos. Uh, is this so wrong? I mean, science makes me happy and for the sake of science, I'd eat one. Or two. Or eight.

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Now, this was good news. Local Author, Sportsman, and all-around-great-guy, Rob Phillips has a book out. A mystery novel. I'm ordering my copy for sure but what I find mysterious is why Rob still hasn't taken me fishing with him. He said he would 25 years ago at lunch. But, he probably got busy and forgot. I haven't.

Brian Stephenson

Owl vs Squirrel. Actually, I choose to believe that this is not a beef between the two of them but rather an interspecies 'peekaboo' match. My money is on the Owl. Squirrels have the attention spa.....SQUIRREL!

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Yes, this post by Alowishus demonstrates Lou Pinella getting angry and throwing a base during his MLB tenure with the Seattle Mariners. But it's hilarious. Everyone loves Lou!

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One of my favorite Facebook Groups continues to be YAKIMA IS BEAUTIFUL. This post is a picture-perfect example of why. So peaceful, unspoiled, and blessed.

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Of course, anytime Bale Breaker puts out a fresh new brew it feels as though the stars have aligned. We may have missed out on the Fresh Hop Ale Festival this year, thanks to COVID, but there's still a lot of Freshness all over the Valley!

My fellow Facebookers: more cat videos, more pictures of your grandkids, more love.

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