They call it retail therapy but honestly the aftermath of the splurge can send you into a vicious cycle of overspending if you're not careful. I am a recovering impulse buyer, most of the items found in my cart weren't part of the plan when I enter the store and if I would have paused for a second, probably would be put back on the shelf. Baby steps people.

Are you searching for a way to look and feel fabulous while NOT breaking the bank?

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Fashion Friday!

Fashion Friday with Laura and Sarah J has begun! Laura is my fantastic co-worker that constantly comes to work with the most well-put-together outfits, while I am over here struggling to decide what color sweatshirt I should wear!  She always looks immaculate but after a recent conversation, I discovered a secret about her love of shopping that's better than anything I could have expected. About 80% of her wardrobe is from thrift shops!

Laura is a fashion finder! She seeks out the best items at her favorite thrift shops and has agreed to come on-air and share some of her best tips and greatest finds. We all can look incredible without spending hundreds to do so with the help of our local fashion finder!

Where to Start?

Rule #1 Know what brands you love. If it's Nordstrom or Khol's, you can head to the thrift store with those brands in mind and start checking the labels. Not sure what you love? Take a gander at the pieces in your closet that you love the most, what brand are they? Boom!

Rule #2 Start with your basics. A good pair of denim, a blazer, a cami top, a nice white t-shirt, or even sweatsuits!

Rule #3 Don't forget about the shoes, belts, and accessories like hats earrings, and necklaces. We don't know why they are there but some of these items are timeless pieces without the normal hefty price tag.

Pro-Find - Laura just got her hands on a pair of black boots, Charles David Black Suede Booties for $9.99. Normally those would be about $60! It doesn't take much, you just have to have the patience to do it and the will to want to go get something fun.


  •  make sure your phone is charged so you can look up brand names. You'll be shocked to see an item being sold at the thrift store for a few dollars is selling for $60 or more online!
  • Monday is the best time to check out the selection because normally people drop off new items over the weekend. Take a minute during your lunch break to peruse the aisle and find something incredible!

Favorite Spot to Shop Currently - Summit Thrift Store

Best Piece of Advice - No matter with the fashion always make sure to smile because it's your best accessory!

Fashion Finds

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