Did you know Valley Mall is celebrating its 50th Anniversary? The official month of their birthday lands in September 2022 BUT we are celebrating all year long with them!

Every Friday we've got a brand new segment on-air called Fashion Friday where we will be giving you the inside track on cool things to look out for AND a chance to win a $50 gift card to shop at any of Valley Mall's 84 locations! This will take place every week so make sure to download our app and stay tuned! Listen for your cue to call at 12:25 pm and call 509-972-1073 to be an instant winner!

Center Court

Valley Mall has been stepping up their game for quite some time with a center court make-over that's just getting started. You now can grab yourself a freshly brewed coffee or cold drink and snacks at Caffeine Connection inside Valley Mall and if you're bringing the kids or your teenager is wanting some alone time, you can pull up a chair at one of the fancy center court tables and still watch as they window shop "alone"

Date Night

One of my favorite restaurants of all time is Xochimilco, with a location inside Valley Mall you can grab a delicious drink, appetizers, and more right after you are done shopping for your family, friends, and lovers! Maybe you do a gift exchange right at the table!

The Little Black Dress

Everyone needs a fancy outfit so don't discount the various shops across Valley Mall and their dress offerings. I've also seen some really fun date nights where you set a certain budget for each other and then you pick the outfit for the other person. It's fun and surprising and thank goodness everything you need is all in one spot!

Plants or Flowers

The Cascade Garden Shop is located inside Valley Mall and if you haven't followed them on social media, now is the time. They have been ramping up their plant selection, added crystals, and even live terrariums into the mix. Bouquets of flowers are fantastic but something that thrives all year long is even more memorable!

Some of the Options

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