I am always amazed at how much celebrities get paid to "advertise" products and whatnot. For instance, if, say, Chrissy Teigen were to get paid to mention a product on her Twitter feed, there are websites that estimates how much each one of her tweets are worth. (Currently, Chrissy is worth over $14K to $18K per tweet!)

Find out how much your tweets are worth by clicking on Webfluential right now or see if your Facebook page is worth some moolah!

Apparently, I'm not worth much on my Twitter, HA! But if you want me to talk about something on my Facebook page, you betta pay me my coins! KNOW YOUR WORTH! :-D

Find out how much your tweets are worth
Screenshot: Webfluential.com
Find out how much you are worth on Facebook
Screenshot: en.howyouare.com

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