If I can't find something in town, I'll grab it from Amazon. There are several items you wouldn't think to order in bulk, but Amazon, with their delivery to your door, might save you money in the long run.

  • Magic Erasers

    Magic Erasers are just Melamine Foam with a fancy label. If you get the off-brand of Magic Erasers, you can bet a box of 100 of them for less than $10.

    That's not a typo.

  • Cereal Marshmallows

    Sad your favorite cereal doesn't have marshmallows? No problem, you can buy these and add them yourself!

  • Silica Packs

    You know those 'do not eat' packs that are in your new shoes, jerky, sometimes your medicine and more? They're also great if you live in moist places like your garage to keep your boxes of storage stuff from getting soft. Not bad to have around. Just don't eat them.

  • Batteries

    Batteries are one of those things where I read the box and it says you need four AA, so I just buy four AA and call it good until next time I need some more. Then I just buy more batteries. You save so much when you just have a steady stock of AAA an AA batteries.

  • Nacho Cheese

    This is not your ordinary nacho cheese where you never get enough for all of your chips. You get a case of six 107 ounce bags of cheese. That'll be plenty for any party.

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