I don't know where you land on leftovers but I am a waste not want not type of lady. I will eat your left-overs and their left-overs AND my left-overs :) BUT I'm going to do it in style, with my Air Fryer!

If you don't already own one, there are all kinds of types and though my hubs and I bought the one that cooks rotisseries and more, we really only use it for re-heating and cooking frozen appetizers. I know, I will get there with the other stuff but baby steps, and right now I want to talk about how cool reheating things is!

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There are SO many settings and buttons on the Air Fryer but the one I use every time is the french fry button. Without a doubt, if you are reheating something, this is your bread and butter! Fight me. Seriously though, if you have a better method I would LOVE to hear about it.

French Fries

It's a given being that we're using the french fry button to start off with leftover french fries but the next time you have some. TRY THIS. I've noticed fries from Majors, not only taste like they just came out of the fryer, they aren't as oily but still have the incredible crunch. You try to do that in the microwave and you're going to be left with rubbery AND oily fries.


Any pizza is better reheated in the air fryer. I have tried a bunch; Papa Murphy's, Pizza Hut and even Mod Pizza reheats amazing, and might I add super fast.

Greek Food

I had loaded fries from Gyro House recently and was a bit nervous at how they would turn out based on the fact they had feta and lettuce, meat, and fries. NOT A PROBLEM. Full of flavor and tasted so fresh and delicious with that added crunch. Yum!


Yep! I tried it this morning, only one minute, I didn't want to bake my apple fritter but it brought it back to life, with a touch of heat but not enough to dry it out

Fried Food

If you have anything that's been fried like fried zucchini or beer-battered shrimp, the air fryer brings it back to life with a freshness that you just don't get in the oven. By the time the oven has pre-heated, you've already cooked it in the air fryer and eaten it!

Thank me later and after whipping up some of these dishes you can test out the air fryer theory and get back to me on it @sarahjthedj

Things to Try in the Air Fryer

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