Washington state is truly the best state one could live in. I'm not just saying that because I live here, but I truly believe it. Unfortunately, living in Washington state doesn't come without a price. Here are a few burdens we all carry because we live here.

  • Having to stay 'state' after saying we live in Washington

    Too many times have I said I lived in Washington and someone would ask me if I've seen the White House. I'm not just in the habit of saying I live in Washington State.

  • Differentiating the difference between life-long Seahawks fans and bandwagoners.

    This is usually pretty easy to figure out. Just ask them to name any player who isn't Lynch, Wilson or Sherman.

  • when you don't live in Seattle

    Seattle seems like the only recognizable city of Washington compared to any others. No matter where you are or where you're from, they ask you if you live close to Seattle. I'd venture to say they couldn't even find Seattle on a map.

    Unless you live in Seattle, this question gets tiresome.

  • It really doesn't rain all the time.

    If you live on the East side of the Cascades, it doesn't rain as much as everyone thinks. And, even still, if you're on the westside it's not so much rain as it is a slight drizzle. Nothing to worry about. I think people elsewhere think it rains like a tropical forest or something with a constant downpour. Not the case.

  • Construction

    Lots of it. Everywhere. All summer long.