They tell you to do something you love and you'll never work a day in your life, what happens when the thing you love is more dangerous than a normal 9 to 5? Well, Washington State is the home to some pretty dangerous jobs, ones that could cost you body parts or even worse, your life.

No one is forced to work these jobs, people take them because they know the risk and some say the reward is well worth it. When you work these types of jobs the pay and compensation could have you ready to retire well before you hit fifty, but if you're not careful and taking may not retire. Let's dive into this list and see the most dangerous jobs in Washington.

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5.) Electrician

Electricians understand they put their lives on the line at almost any job site they walk into, thankfully they're trained to be highly skilled and knowledgable when it comes to dealing with these dangers. However accidents still happen and electricity is no toy, people have suffered severe injuries or even lost their lives while working.

Thankfully Washington state takes multiple steps into making sure all workers practice every safety precaution possible. However, anything can still happen at a moment's notice causing true emergency moments and putting others' lives at risk.

4.) Fishermen

Washington sits next to the beautiful pacific ocean, which means a lot of fishermen go out for months at a time capturing food for the rest of us. Whether they're fishing for tuna, crab, or any other sea creature the dangers don't change, the smallest inconsistency or slightest mistake on deck can be deadly.

On top of that, the sea is a dangerous place to be already, tragedy can strike at any time with a wild wave. Captains of these vessels do everything they can to put their crew's lives before their own and make sure everyone is practicing safety, however, they can only do so much.


Growing up my father went out every day to cut down trees in neighborhoods for homeowners, cities, parks, and pretty much everything you could think of. Little did I know he was risking his life every time he climbed a tree. Not only was he climbing high up into the air but he was doing it while carrying a chainsaw, dropping huge rounds of wood down to the ground and having to take into consideration where they would fall.

Thankfully most Lumberjacks are highly trained and take years to perfect their craft, but accidents still happen, the number of people I've met in my life missing fingers, an arm, and even a leg due to work site accidents. Now imagine taking this into a forest to cut down acres of trees to create new livable land, the risk gets even higher.

2.) Construction 

Being out at a construction job can seem pretty safe, they wear those vests, hard hats, gloves, and even knee and elbow pads sometimes. However, this won't save them from heavy machinery or large objects falling over. Construction workers put their lives on the line every time they step onto a job site, working with heavy machinery, cutting bending, nailing, and welding, all these are dangerous professions and it's encapsulated into one job.

No matter the amount of training or time on site can protect those working, accidents can happen in an instant and so can the loss of life, these men and women go in knowing what risks they face and take every precaution they can to be safe, but as we stated, an accident can happen in an instant and peoples lives can be changed forever.

1.) Truck Driving

My grandfather was a truck driver from the time he was in his early 20's up till the time he retired, the stories he would tell us of being on the road would both fascinate us and horrify us. Danger lurks everywhere and in every job, but one of the most dangerous jobs is truck driving. Not only are truckers on a tight time schedule to make huge deliveries, but they're also carrying tons on tons of weight and have to maneuver around regular vehicles on freeways and city streets. this becomes dangerous not only for them but for those around them.

The number of times a tire can blow break seize or truckers just lose control can happen at any time. The number of times my grandfather told me of other tuckers not taking the right precautions due to being late on their deliveries cause extreme damage and cost multiple lives. The other danger is those driving those normal vehicles cutting off semis, or dismissing them and trying to maneuver around them while creating a hazardous road.

Honestly, the most disturbing story we ever heard was about a friend of his who was driving downhill, his breaks gave out so he maneuvered towards the large dirt pit that was at the end of the hill which is there for just that reason to help out of control semis who can't stop find some way to stop during an emergency. However, some people don't understand what those mounds of dirt are for, so when this instance happened and a car was parked in that area to take a break from driving, tragedy struck. Leaving us to believe that truck driving may be the most dangerous job in Washington.


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