The one thing that DC comics and Marvel comics fans can agree on, is that FREE COMICS are awesome! This year you get to celebrate Cinco De Mayo with a cape and tights because that is the day for this year's Free Comic Book Day worldwide event, and yes, Yakima gets to enjoy, too!

Ron's Coin (6 N. Third St.) will be handing out these free collections of fantasies in paper form, just they have in the past on the first Saturday in May. "Free Comic Book Day is a great event for the whole community. Bringing everyone together, finding books for everyone to enjoy, and seeing people of all ages - children, teens, and adults - sharing our passion for comics is incredible," commented the owner of Ron's Coin, Joe Mann.


With Marvel's latest film, "Avengers: Infinite War," hitting theaters this weekend, Free Comic Book Day (in its 17th year), couldn't have hit at a more perfect time. The whole world is giddy with the heroes that many of us grew up reading about, now seeing it on the big screen, it's great to be able to introduce new generations to the way we were sucked in. "With awesome titles like Avengers, Invader Zim and Star Wars Adventure, we're sure there's a comic book for everyone," says Mann. "Comics are a fun and enduring form of entertainment for readers of all ages to dive into as imagination comes to life. Whether it be popular comics, film, television shows, or video games, there's something for everyone to enjoy."

Star Wars Original Marvel Comics
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Look for all sorts of fun for the whole family next Saturday (May 5) when Free Comic Book Day kicks off at 10 a.m. and runs until 6 p.m. Expect cosplayers and Bob Smith (inker w/DC & Archie Comics) at Ron's Coin. For more info from all around the world on Comic Book Day, check out


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