Attention! Attention! There are still three weeks left before school is in session, which means we have three more kids clubs to enjoy before summer comes to a close at Valley Mall in Union Gap!

Free, Fun for Everyone!

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What is Kids Club?

During the summer months Kids Club is a free event for the parents and kids, ages 2 through 11 to come to the second level of Valley Mall in Union Gap and enjoy themed activities between the hours of 11 am - 1 pm. There are giant coloring pages to enjoy, a selfie wall, games and a chance at either an airbrushed tattoo or face art as well!

Sarah J from 107.3 KFFM broadcasts live out there and she is happy to record a shout-out to your friends for back-to-school or request your favorite song, even tell your favorite joke while you're at Valley Mall.

What Themes Are Left?

Wednesday August 2nd - Sports

Wednesday August 10th - Under the Sea

Wednesday August 17th -  Science Day where we will travel back in time to when dinosaurs roamed the earth. We will also be jumping in our rocket ships and blasting off to outer space!

Feel free to dress up with each weeks theme or just come as you. This is the perfect chance to take a little break from the heat and also get some or all of the back to school shopping out of the way while you're at Valley Mall!

Listen and Win

Don't forget every Friday at 12:25 pm it's your chance to win a $50 gift card to go shopping at Valley Mall in honor of their 50th Anniversary! Tune-in with Middays with Sarah J on 107.3 KFFM and listen for you cue to call!

Kids Club at Valley Mall and More!

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