If Monday's got you feeling some sort of way, have no fear Yakima Family Fun Center is here to save the day! The weather is getting chillier, soon the outdoor activities will need to be locked up until next season so before that happens, they've announced something very special.

FREE OUTDOOR DAY! Hey YAKIMA! We are so appreciative of all your support this year that we are doing ONE MORE FREE OUTDOOR DAY, Mondat October 18th, 2021 2pm-10pm and no purchase necessary!

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Hold up, wait a minute, batting cages, let's get in it. I'm not sure what your favorite outdoor activity is or if you have even been out to Yakima Family Fun Center aka Meadowbrooke Family Fun Center but I will tell you it's a great time for dates, birthday parties for the big and little kids or just hanging out with your friends.

What is Available to Do Outdoors?

  • The Bumper Boats
  • Miniature Golf
  • The Batting Cages
  • The Race Track

What's Inside?

They've got all types of video games, dance machines, basketball games, racing, and shooting. Air Hockey, plus you can earn yourself game tickets where you can grab yourself silly putty, slinky and more!

They also have fantastic pizza so if you get hungry, no need to leave the fun behind. Just take a break and grab a slice, then get right back to the fun. Help spread the word so everyone can have a fantastic time and let's show some love to a local staple of the Yakima Valley!

Where is Yakima Family Fun Center Located?

7200 W Nob Hill Blvd #1928, Yakima, WA 98908

Yakima Family Fun Center

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