On my way to Seattle, if I have time, I'll stop by the giant fruit stand and antique store in Thorp. If you've never been there, it's worth the stop. The ground level has tons of fresh produce but they also carry a lot of candies, spreads and so much more. There are also two floors of antique shop that has a little something for everyone. Here are the top 5 items I found at the antique shop that I had to share.

  • Orbitz

    This crazy drink from the 90s had floating orbs of gelatin. I never wanted to drink it then, I'm pretty sure I don't want to drink it now.

    Orbitz / John Riggs
  • Care Bears Lunchbox

    I thought this was pretty neat. An old fashioned tin lunchbox featuring the Care Bear Cousins. The thermos isn't the one that's supposed to go with it, but that's okay.

    Lunchbox / John Riggs
  • Marx Brothers Poster

    I'm a huge fan of the Marx Brothers and Animal Crackers is one of my favorite films. This wasn't very expensive which tells me it's probably a re-print, but would still look great in any man cave.

  • Strawberry Shortcake Figures

    I wasn't into Strawberry Shortcake, but my sisters were so I'm kind of familiar with the characters. It's always fun to see figures like this. I love that villain.

    Also, a bonus background with California Raisins!

  • Cragmont Bottles

    As the alternative to drinking name brand soft drinks like Pepsi or Coke, most stores have their local alternative. For Safeway, it was the Cragmont brand. It's still the same selection of cola, root beer and assorted fruit-flavored sodas. I remember they had a Dr. Pepper knock-off called 'Mr. Skipper' which I thought was funny. It was cool to see these bottles to remind me of that.