Fridays in my book stand for adventure. We're headed into a weekend with hopefully a little more free time on our hands to get into all kinds of activities, like shopping at Valley Mall and more.

We had such success with winners getting hooked-up with a $50 gift card to enjoy local Valley Mall restaurants, they are back and better than ever!

Tune-in with Sarah J on Friday's at 12:25 pm beginning Friday, February 26th through March 29th (Sarah J's birthday) for your chance to win a $50 gift card to Valley Mall to not only enjoy the restaurants but shop till you drop at any of the other Valley Mall merchants!

Grab yourself a Cinnabon and some candles from Bath and Body Works or maybe you're in need of a new nightgown from Victoria Secrets. Head over to Kohls for slippers or Claire's and get your ears pierced. There's a whole adult section at Spencer's or grab some cool buttons at Tilly's. Did you know that Cascade Garden now has a flower shop inside the mall? Treat yourself to a bouquet of flowers and then go get your nails done at Fancy Nails. If you're ready for a new pair of kicks you have a few choices like Famous Footwear, Foot Locker, The Good Feet Store, Sketchers, and more. Sundresses and Sweatsuits could be scored at Old Navy and then walk yourself over to Michael's for some crafting supplies.

Your clue will be provided on-air and you'll need our app to message us your answer in order to win. Don't have it? See below

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Valley Mall and past winners

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Here are 50 of your favorite retail chains that no longer exist.



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