Now, this is the type of mob mentality I can get behind. A food mob aka Cash Mob is taking over Yakima and you can be part of the upcoming events just by joining the Facebook group called Yakima Cash Mob.

Congrats to Melea who states

A Cash Mob is a community event that people use as a way to join together and support local businesses. Cash Mobs are a great way to create an immediate economic impact for local businesses, and if done well, can have a lasting impact.

I've never heard of this but what an incredible idea. Times are tough for everyone, I can't imagine being a local business like Minado Buffet that has a lot of fresh fish and sushi dishes they serve up, how do you even calculate how much to make let alone not have food go to waste.

The first step would be joining the group on Facebook to find out when the next event is being planned and the second, saving up $20 so you'll be ready to splurge.

Sarah Johnson
Yakima's first cash mob met at Famous Burger in Yakima

Last night was the very first cash mob and it featured Famous Burger. These are planned events so the owners and staff were aware they were going to get flooded with orders, however, what started out with 50ish people transformed into hundreds which means the wait for food was a little long but everyone was in good spirits because it's so much more than picking what you're eating for dinner.

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You're now making a conscious effort to connect with other locals and target a business that is probably having a tough time. We don't want to lose our favorites so this is a fantastic way to shed light on your favorite restaurant and introduce it to others that might not even be aware it exists!

Melea Sexton
service with a smile from Famous Burger during their cash mob

Speaking with Melea, this whole thing was created after she happened to come across a post from a family member in Arizona, whose favorite restaurant was at risk of shutting down, meaning his favorite egg salad was about to disappear. Cash Mob to the rescue!

Melea reached out to foodies around town to make sure we didn't already have something set-up and wham! bam! That's how a mob for a great cause is created!

Word on the street is Famous Burger was considering taking Pho off the menu and now that the mob has rolled through he not only will be keeping it on the menu he'll be working on fancy packaging to make sure you get the whole Pho experience for take-out.

Here's the full interview with Melea

Way to go to everyone who is already in the know and shout-out to those that are pumped for the next one. Out of curiosity

If you are not from the area, check Facebook and see if you already have a group created, and if not, do it! No time like the present to give back because just like Melea reminds us, we all gotta eat anyway.

Cash Mob of Yakima

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