Sunday began with a light dusting of snow across the Yakima Valley and wrapped up with the twinkling lights of the 17th Annual Union Gap Christmas Lighted Parade!

If you were able to make it out, you were treated to not only the fantastic trucks and vehicles but candy canes, Christmas tree ornaments from Valley Mall and coloring books.

Covid-19 has really done a number on all outdoor events, most parades this year have been cancelled but not this one, so a lot of people came out, some even travelling all the way from Leavenworth just to get out of the house and enjoy something reminiscent of the yearly Christmas parade tradition.

This was a unique experience where you stayed in your vehicle and the line of cars went through the Valley Mall parking lot and onto main street where the lighted trucks were parked so you could see them up close and personal on both sides.

If you missed out on any of the prizes, just know the line was so long that it went all the way to the freeway so we had to stop handing out things in order to keep it moving and keep people safe. Also sending positive vibes to the person who passed out, the firetruck blocked a portion of the festivities for a while.

Thank you to the volunteers who put on these events and also the lighted trucks. I attempted to put some lights on the station vehicle but there are some special tricks to that kind of lighting that I have yet to master so I turned on my disco lights and called it a day.

I know this parade wasn't what everyone was expecting but honestly, what can you expect when something has never been done before? It was so nice to see how excited the kids and families were so thank you to those that made it out and had a good time.

Now, if you are just too bummed about not making it out I do have to say that I hear that Holiday Light Fest will be back for another ride at State Fair Park, Thursday, December 17th - Sunday, December 20th 2020!

Union Gap 17th Annual Old Town Christmas Parade

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