Are you ready to have some fun this Wednesday?
Banking has never been so exciting and we're totally here for the party, Gesa Credit Union has been celebrating all week long at the grand opening of their newest branch location at 33rd and Nob Hill Blvd and this Wednesday we're broadcasting live!
To those that say, “I’m not good with money,” we say, “yet!” With Gesa, you can learn a healthier approach to managing money. Join us for a week long celebration April 18th through April 22nd of our newest branch location on Nob Hill Blvd! Stop by to win prizes, grab free swag and food, take advantage of financial education, and experience friendly, one-on-one service. We’ll see you there, it’s sure to be hoot! Learn a healthier approach to managing money with GESA. To learn more about Gesa, visit
Stop by and see me - Sarah J with 107.3 KFFM - on Wednesday, April 20th from 11 to 2, at GESA's newest branch location at 33rd & Nob Hill Blvd! Win prizes, grab free swag and food, take advantage of financial education, and more!
Everyone has struggles and I would say the majority of us have either questions about saving, loans and so much more. This is perfect chance get all your questions asked, grab something to eat and leave feeling fuller of knowledge and community than before you showed up!
It takes baby steps to build strong habits and this Wednesday to be the start to a whole new outlook on how you spend, save, borrow and beyond!
Via google and canva
Via google and canva

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