It will be an eventful weekend in Union Gap, WA. At Fullbright Park. On this Father's Day weekend. The town of Union Gap celebrates it's Old Town Days.

Since everything was put on pause for about two years. The organizers for these events. Are looking forward to seeing everybody. At Sun Sips & Suds. And Old Town Days.

Every thing starts Friday (June 17th) evening at 5 PM. With Sun Sips and Suds. This is a 21 yrs and older event. With live music, three breweries, and two distilleries. Plus a winery. Presented by Central Washington Ag Museum. Please remember to party responsibly.

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Then on June 18th and 19th. You can travel back in time. To a Civil War reenactment. With Old Town Days. This will be a family friendly event. Eric Patrick stops by the studio. To get us more information. On what to expect for this year's events With Sun Sips & Suds. And with Old Town Days.

There is free admission and free parking. To Old Town Days. There will also be a pancake feed starting at 6 Am on Saturday Morning.

For more information on these events. You can go to

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