I have been doing a bunch of spring cleaning lately and turned to Pinterest for some great ideas and inspiration.

Wherever you live in the Yakima Valley, here are some life hacks and tips for getting your clutter in order. You can repurpose items around the house or grab supplies from your local hardware and home store. I unearthed all of these "hacks" from hours spent deep in the rabbit hole of Pinterest!

  1. Use holder clips to hang string lights from your awning. (Camping and dorm room hack!)
  2. Dilute some Pine-Sol with water to create a 50/50 solution and wipe down your counters, tables, and awnings to keep flies away. (Pefect camping hack!)
  3. Vinyl plank flooring gives floors an instant upgraded look.
  4. Use a suspension rod in the shower to decorate your tub area.
  5. Turn any cup into a travel cup with Press n' Seal.
  6. Use old drawers for creative shelves on the wall.
  7. Wine racks actually turn out to be great towel holders on the wall or in a corner of your bathroom.
  8. Use a drink dispenser to jazz up that laundry bottle.
  9. Tissue boxes can keep plastic bags organized. (See next hack below.)
  10. Use thumbtacks to secure a decorative box to the wall, then you'll have a handy home to store all your garbage and storage bags.
  11. Use Christmas lights if your closet has poor lighting.
  12. Create a wall display for your sunglasses and eyeglasses with just two items: ribbon (sturdy is recommended) and a pretty headscarf.
  13. DIY Magnetic Makeup Board: hot glue magnet strips or dots to your makeup, then pur them on a magnetic tray. Hang it up on your bedroom or bathroom wall!
  14. Another magnetic makeup hack is to apply a magnetic adhesive strip in your bathroom then apply stick magnetic stickers on your makeup.
  15. Reuse paint cans, tins, Mason jars, and plastic containers to store small things. For example, you can cover old paint cans in fabric, decorative paper, etc.
  16. Use empty spice tins as trinket or art supplies storage. You could even reuse them as herb or flower plant pots.
  17. Stash bobby pins and barrettes in a craft box divider.
  18. Hang a second bar in your child's closet to make extra space for clothes.
  19. Make drawer dividers out of cardboard boxes. A good suggestion is to use pieces from shipping boxes.
  20. Measure out PVC pipes to use them as drawer storage organizing.

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