I do not like to make New Year Resolutions because the only thing I succeed at is failing them. I tried calling them "New Year Goals", but that mind-trick didn't really work on me either.

The only New Year Resolution I've only stuck to is to quit smoking (going on three years, woop, woop!) but other than that, I've not kept one goal, resolution, or whatever you want to call it.

Enter Vision Boards, Stage Left.

If you don't know what a vision board is, it's when you cut out a bunch of pictures and quotes from magazines and paste them all together on a poster board or cork board (some people even frame theirs). The end result is a culmination of your hopes, wishes, dreams and goals for the new year. All types of people use them to inspire them to reach their goals, or resolutions, if you will. Even celebrities have jumped on the bandwagon to use vision boards to help them accomplish their dreams. I like to watch videos to inspire me, including ones from Steve Harvey, to Oprah, to  Ellen Degeneres and another "inspiring" video from this guy, JP Sears, whoever he is.

You don't need to watch a video to make a vision board. I was lucky enough to spend some time during the final week of 2016 to hang out with a few of my awe-inspiring girl friends for a "Vision Board Party" night. We enjoyed home-cooked meals of tamales, pasta and salad, complete with glasses of wine, and we spent quite a few hours cutting, pasting, and daydreaming about all of the things we hope to accomplish in 2017.

I highly recommend you take a moment to create a 2017 vision board for yourself, whether you do this project as a family, or with a few of your favorite friends, or perhaps do it as a solo endeavor.

Let's make creating vision boards the "new" New Year Resolution!

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