a gorgeous Vivienne Westwood dress, and her hair in beautifully coiffed dreadlocks. Unfortunately, E! Channel's Fashion Police correspondent, Guliana Rancic,
did not approve of Zendaya's hairstyle, (a popular hairstyle which happens to be worn by many people all over the world).

The only reason I am kind of upset about Guliana's comments is because, while I have never worn dreadlocks, I have worn a similar look called "Marley Twists." In fact, I have several photos of me below wearing my Marley Twists, and I dare Guliana or anybody else, for that matter, to say that I look like I "smell like patchouli oil and weed." I dare you! Guliana should be ashamed of herself for those insensitive and disrespectful comments, IMHO. Just because YOU would never rock dreadlocks doesn't mean that you get to bash someone else who does.