It's time to start thinking about what to dress up as for Halloween. Whether it's something classic or modern, here are several places in Yakima that you buy your Halloween Costumes.

Value Village

2503 Main St in Union Gap
Value Village is a great place to start because have a great selection of costumes, both in full and in part if you just need a hat or wig, and they also have all of the second hand clothing if you wanted to construct your own costume idea.


3710 Tieton Dr in Yakima, 503 S 1st St. in Selah and 2840 E Lincoln Ave in Sunnyside
Like Value Village, nice selection of costumes and second hand selection.

Fred Meyer

1206 N. 40th in Yakima
Fred Meyer has racks and racks of costumes already ready to go for you. They also have a great selection of baby outfits that should keep your little one warm in the late October night.


1600 E Chestnut Ave and 6600 W Nob Hill Blvd in Yakima
Walmart has always been known to have a good selection of all of the most popular outfits. They also seem to always have a good stock of accessories like wigs and gimmicks.


12 N Fair Ave in Yakima
Target may have the most organized selection of costumes. Plenty to choose from ranging from youth to adult and it's conveniently located in their holiday section so you can grab all of your Halloween accessories all in one part of the store.

If we left your favorite place off the list, let us know by dropping it in the comments.

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