Interested in watching Hocus Pocus underneath the stars this Saturday? If you weren't aware amuck, amuck, amuck is happening all over the world as the wait is FINALLY over. Hocus Pocus 2 has arrived Disney Plus streaming...did you watch it at midnight or are waiting until this evening? If you want to wait and get caught back up with the film that started it all, keep reading for a very magical opportunity!

It's Hocus Pocus Time Baby!

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Hocus Pocus
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Where Can I Watch Hocus Pocus Under the Stars?

This Saturday, October 1st 2022 head to Moxee City Park, located at S Rivard Rd, Moxee, WA 98936, USA. At dusk we watch Hocus Pocus starring Bette Midler, Kathrine Najimy and Sarah Jessica Parker.

Grab your family, friends and blankets and join the city of Moxee in park at dusk for a FREE movie!

Will There Be Food Available?

Yes! There will be hot dogs, nachos, popcorn, and more for purchase from the Moxee Hop Festival Royalty!

Should You Dress Up?

Of course! Grab your witch hats, black cats, cauldrons, brooms and good attitudes for this family friendly fun chance to enjoy the gorgeous fall air that isn't too cold just yet and create some memories for you and the ones you love most!

Fun Hocus Pocus Facts According to

  • Those were real moths that flew out of Billy's mouth!
  • Each witch's dress had inspiration behind it. Sarah's was sleeping beauty, Mary's is Sleeping Beauty but for Winifred the inspiration came from the star herself Bette Midler!

    'You can't put her in some black witch outfit. You have to put her in something that's colorful and fun and has a little sparkle to it.'"

Nailed it!

Hocus Pocus

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