Summer is the perfect time to create a backyard oasis or add extra pops of color to your deck or front stoop so when I found out we were going to continue handing out hanging flower baskets from Coastal Farm and Ranch I was SUPER pumped and only had one request. Let them pick their favorite so I don't kill them while they sit in the studio ;)

That's extra pressure I don't need in my life. I mean last week no one was left with wilted flowers but I was nervous so this week we are giving you the chance to win a 12-inch hanging basket of flowers from Country Farm and Garden where currently, they are on sale for $19.99 while supplies last. Find the one that speaks to you.

They have the most gorgeous selection, pictures just don't do them justice and I wanted to make to give you the opportunity to browse through the outdoor selection because Country Farm and Garden isn't just for hanging baskets. No, if you'd like to add some plants or trees to your property they have a wide selection with an educated staff that is ready to answer any questions that you have. Fancy soil or extra nutrients, pots and tools to wind chimes, even giant roosters...because everyone needs one of those ;)

Listen in the 2 pm hour to kick-off afternoons with Sarah J all this week and next for your chance to win!

A huge congratulations to our winners so far; Janet Kinney, Felicia Sanchez, Elizabeth, Adam, Bianca and you could be next!

The 12 inch Hanging Baskets at Country Farm and Garden

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