I have never been to a "U-Pick" farm before, but I wanted to experience it with my five-year old daughter, Willow.

One of the friendly employees at Bill's Berry Farm (3674 N. County Line Road
Grandview, WA 98930) gave us a quick lesson on how to choose which blueberries to pick--only choose the ones that are navy blue after you wipe them off with your finger. If they appear to be purple or a light blue, they are not ripe!

Picking blueberries was a lot of fun with my daughter, although she made me pick them all by myself in the end.

Bill's Berry Farm (Part 1)

Bill's Berry Farm (Part 2)

Bill's Berry Farm also had other berries that could be picked, plus some cute little animals and a treehouse for the kids to get into. I highly recommend you take a visit out there for yourself (even if you don't have kids!) because it is like a bonding experience with the earth. Yes, I am are that I sound like a hippie!

We ended up putting the blueberries in some chocolate cupcakes with cherry icing. I must say, those were THE best cupcakes I have ever had in my life! I owe it all to the blueberries ;-)

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