Summer is full of delicious treats like pluots and watermelon, corn and peaches, nectarines and blueberries, blackberries and pears. If any of those fruits sound delicious, have you seen what the Yakima Valley provides us?

Peaches and nectines

Pacific Northwest Fresh dropped off my weekly delivery (you could donate or sign your family up for a box if you are in need at any time) right to my doorstep and I have learned that if you don't get to washing and packing, some of this stuff doesn't last. I wrote or mentioned in the video last week how to store basil and I was so wrong.

I had put it in a glass jar with water and then didn't touch it for a few days. Totally wilted and none of it was salvageable. What a bummer but lesson learn. Use it or lose it. Caprese and bruschetta are for sure go to's when it comes to fresh uses for basil. Also freshly chopped on pizza. Probably best to pack in damp paper towel in a ziplock bag.

The star of the box had been the pluot and I was super pump to see more of them. Storing peaches and stone fruits in the fridge has been a good deal because after tonight's dinner I decided to chop up peaches, nectarines and donut peaches tossed with a bit of sugar, made some fresh whipping cream and drizzled it with honey. So fresh and delicious, the honey lingers and it's satisfying enough to not need a cake or biscuit but would never hurt. Maybe something with lemon in it.

This is some of what's in season currently and what this box contained

This week I am going to be tackling a few things having to do with pears but to tide you over until I get started. Have you ever tried goat cheese with sliced pears, prosciutto? So good and if you want to go even farther you can add in some crushed pistachios or whole with a bit of honey, oh my.

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