While I was chillin' and hanging out watching the 2016 Sunfair Parade on Yakima Avenue last weekend with my friend Jessica and her daughter Kira, we noticed a float go by that had a lot of pumpkins on the back of a trailer.

"Do you and Willow want to go to a u-pick farm sometime soon?" Jessica asked.

"Sure, we would love to!" I yelped back.

I have only been through a u-pick once before, and that was to get some fresh blueberries off the vine in Grandview at Bill's Berry Farm. That was a fun family experience for me and my kiddo (although I ended up doing most of the work).

It turns out that the float belonged to Huffman Farms, based out of Ellensburg. I sent myself a text message to remember the name of the pumpkin farm in my phone, which is a good thing I did, because this morning I was trying to recall it and all I could think of was "Huffin Farms". (I was way off!)

Every Saturday and Sunday in the month of October, Huffman Farms is having a bunch of activities for families and pumpkin lovers alike! During the opening weekend (October 1st and 2nd) there will be free ice cream scoops and family photos. The rest of the weekends in October will host u-pick pumpkin family weekends, and the last weekend of the month will also have "Costume Days".

Get more information on the family fun at HuffmanFarms.com!

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