This is a big day for us lefties! We make up only 10% of the population, how special :) Unless you are left handed you might not know the struggles, and yes we have them, but now that I think about it they are more like first world problems than actual issues.

For example most left handers hold our writing utensils funky and because of this when we are finished writing the pencil or pen will usually be streaked along our hand and arm. If it's a really good day the ink will get smeared as well. It's just the life we lead and I don't know any different so I am ok with it. Meeting a fellow left handed person is always exciting, it's usually it's while you or they are writing something, that angle the page tips to along with the weird way we are wrapping our fingers around the pen is a dead give-away.

It still trips me out that my Grandpa was forced to write with his right hand in school and so I did a bit of research and besides us, "chickie paws" being the minority, the unfortunate past of a left handed person being associated with witch craft and the devil. There really wasn't access to both a right and a left handed option. Like a left handed baseball glove or a notebook with the rings on the right side (those rings on the left hurt when you're trying to write and your arm is all pressed into them) #ilikecheesewithmywine

What kinds of famous people are left handed you ask?

We might be a bit emotional, view things a little differently, have our own day to celebrate and write funky but in honor of International Left Handers Day I recommend showing love to the left-handed person in your life by surprising them with a gadget that is only for a left-handed person. It might seem silly to you but I guarantee they will REALLY appreciate it :) Need some help CLICK HERE for the Left Handed Gift Store hahaha OR you could even surprise your leftie with a special left handed Oreo package! Plus join the club and never miss out on left hander news again ;)


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