Use this hashtag and then tag the store because like National Nurses Day and many other celebrated holidays. 420 is so much more than taking a moment to puff, puff pass.

It's legal in Washington State so before the thought gets poo-pahed. I would like to point out this budtender definition from Urban Dictionary

The person at a medical marijuana "dispensary," or "clinic," who tends to the patients' medicinal needs. He/she works with you and helps you decide what will be the ideal medicine for you to purchase, and in what quantity.

They are not weed dealers. They are a professional who understands strains and purpose. Do you need to relax? You might consider an Indica. Want a fun way to remember that? In Da Couch. Get it?

If you want to feel awake and energetic or loose and giggly maybe a sativa is what you are wanting. Insider secret. I am married to a budtender, so I listen and know that there are SO many different uses and ways people are getting help everyday. On this 420 venture out to a store and grab something edible or smokeable. Ask questions and like going to a doctor if you have an ache or want to sleep better, your budtender can help figure out something that could really help. They have bath bombs, dark chocolates, massage oils, even siriacha sauce. The list goes on and on.

I thought it would be cool to find out who your favorite budtender in the Yakima Valley is. Winner will get a swag bag of goodies. Message us if you want in on prize contents through the app

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Who is Your Favorite Budtender in the Yakima Valley?

May 1st the winner will be announced and for extra love give them a vote at the "OG" Awards held in Las Vegas. You never know!

Remember to thank your budtender

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