Woohoo! Did you know that radio has been around since the late 1800s? :) Though no one person can be credited for it's beginning it's still a BIG DEAL and is recognized every Aug. 20! :)

Think about it. A lot of our favorite memories are created with radio music in the background. A certain song comes on and you it can bring you right back to the first moment you heard it, maybe even where you were and what you were doing as well! Music molds events in our lives and I am SO thankful to have had it's soundtrack throughout the years.

I remember summers working at Franklin Pool. I would call the radio station and tell them to play a better mix of songs! Funny, because years later I would work at the same station I was calling in to harass! (Please be nice when you call me haha) I LOVED tuning in to Kasey Kasem's Top 40 countdown and even have a specific memory of baby sitting and watching the cutsie baby I was watching start dancing when I turned on the radio.

We all have our favorite stations and today to help celebrate tune-in to yours, call-in and give a thank you to your favorite radio personalities and spread the love of radio because some people think it's a dying art but really it's the heart of it all while we go about our day to day lives! Interact with your local radio station, download their free apps and try to win some prizes because you never know what could happen! I mean it's National Radio Day! So let's just celebrate :)

One of my favorite bits from Casey Kasem. Such a smooth, put-together cat, but even he had bad days (NSFW) careful where you listen to this

From D-Rez and I thank you so much for listening :)

Happy National Radio Day!

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