What an incredible gift.

$25,000 was just donated to 2nd Harvest from Hayden Homes! I got the chance to chat with Jean, the philanthropy manager, of 2nd Harvest on just how this gigantic donation happened and what the plans are for using it up!

Everyone was completely surprised because Hayden Homes gave their first round of donations and then mentioned there was going to be a second one but they didn't tell anyone how much it was going to be. They even brought in a professional photographer and a giant check because for $25,000 it's super important to get proof of life!

That generosity is going to help so many different areas of 2nd Harvest and if you are wanting to assist with giving 2nd Harvest is happy to accept financial contributions, money is really the best way to donate because they are able to source food to multiple locations, purchase fuel and packing materials, due to the pandemic, everything is being packed beforehand so there is a bit more cost involved than normal. They can stretch the dollars and can be a bit more flexible.

But no worries, If you are interested in donating shelf-stable food items, you can drop them off at any 2nd Harvest location and those items are basically canned goods and items that are durable can be stored for some time, not milk but boxes of mac and cheese for sure!

You could even go online and start a virtual food drive or fundraiser to help the locals in our very own community.

$25,000 is such an incredible donation and sadly the end of the pandemic is not in sight so the need for food and assistance is constant.

I encourage everyone to get a group of friends together, maybe it's your coworkers or even your kids and family members, and start helping today. There are a lot of struggling families that need our help and chances are you probably know someone close to you that is in need but maybe they just haven't said anything.

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