The Washington State Patrol is investigating a fatal head-on crash on I-82 reported at 11:00 pm Friday, March 25, seven miles east of Union Gap. Troopers say 20-year-old Leon Perez of Yakima drove the wrong way on I-82, traveling westbound in the eastbound lanes and crashed head-on into another vehicle drive by 23-year-old Elizabeth Ramirez of Toppenish.

Authorities say the wrong way driver died at a Seattle Hospital

Ramirez died at the scene of crash. Perez was taken to a Yakima Hospital then transferred to Harborview Medical Center in Seattle where he died on Friday.
Troopers say both drivers were wearing seat belts. The big question is why was Perez of Yakima driving the wrong way on I-82. The investigation continues Today.

The two deaths marked the end of a deadly week of crashes in the valley

The fatalities ended a week of deadly crashes in the Yakima Valley. The first was reported March 20 at 48th and Washington Avenue. A driver and passenger lost their lives in the crash, an 88-year-old driver and 86-year-old passenger. The passenger died Wednesday at Harborview Medical Center in Seattle the driver died at the scene.
Seely says many people have suggested the city place a light at the intersection to monitor traffic. The city says that's not going to happen because "the intersection is in the landing slope of the Yakima Airport." However a roundabout could be placed at the intersection to make it safer for traffic.

Wednesday, March 23 two young people were killed in the lower valley

The next deadly crash was reported Wednesday, March 23 when a pickup truck, driven by a 20-year-old female with a 20 year old male passenger. The driver was traveling east on Murray Road while a semi-truck with a flatbed trailer was backing into a nearby residence. Deputies say the pickup struck the side of the flatbed trailer which caused extensive damage to the pickup. The female driver died instantly; the male passenger was airlifted to Yakima Valley Memorial Hospital.

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