Booooooooooooooook! Sung by the one and only Winifred Sanders in my head as I write this! Who else is loosing their ever loving mind over the premier of Hocus Pocus 2 this Friday, September 30th, 2022? The child in me, recognizes the child in you but thankfully NO ONE is being gobbled at least!

Feasts Are Being Prepared and Parties Are Being Thrown

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This Isn't a Remake, I Repeat This Isn't a Remake


Hocus Pocus is an actual book, did you know? I bought it a few years ago and then moved so I am still hunting for it BUT on film I own the VHS version, the Blue-Ray, the digitally remastered DVD because I realized I didn't have what it takes to play blue-ray at the time and on digital stream!


There are SO many creative ideas to throw a Hocus Pocus party and wouldn't you know I have been collecting ideas for month...ok years. There were rumors over the past 20 years, yes it took 20 years for Disney to realize this would be a hit to get to where we are today so without further ado. Here are my inspirations and I would LOVE to know yours
From Katie - The Magics Yours Travel

Party Planning Ideas

  1. Your color scheme revolves around the sisters: Winifred is green, Sarah is purple and Mary is red. Easiest start, crepe paper all over the place. Drape it, twist the colors together, create a whole vibe.
  2. Find black witches hats and make them float by attaching them to the ceiling with fishing line
  3. Cauldrons are awesome and you can either add a drink and black ice to them or I have seen some adorable ways to add clear Christmas ornaments and lighting to make them appear to bubble!
  4. Find fancy glasses and create some infused drinks with the colors of the ladies like frozen grapes dropped into sparkling cider, grape juice and squirt and Ruby Red Squirt options. Alcohol on the side for the adults in the room :)
  5. Veggie and Cheese Platter featuring the three sisters faces! I have seen everyone going with three wheels of brie, that seems a bit much so I thinking one brie with blackberries for hair for Mary, perhaps a Tzatziki with red pepper slices for Winnie with broccoli to represent her green dress and Gouda with yellow pepper slices and a tiny little black olive speck for Sarah on her cheesy face!
  6. A crockpot full of little smokies aka deadmen's toes
  7. Adorable little pots to fill with mashed potatoes and stew
  8. Croissants shaped like witches hats
  9. To create edible black candles I am going to bake cupcakes and put them in pairs. One on the bottom, flip the other over so the tops are resting against each other and then frost that baby...Will our teeth turn black? Maybe, does it matter? Not to me! I figured the added touch of an actual candle stuck out of the middle that you could light would be fun
  10. Brownie Books! Have you seen these things? Cut out book shaped bites of brownie and with a little black frosting and a candy eyeball, baby you've got yourself THE book!

Secret Menu at Starbucks (According to DisneyFoodBlog)

Winifred Sanders Frappuccino

  • Order a Green Tea Frappuccino
  • Add one pump of White Mocha Syrup
  • Add one pump of Peppermint Syrup
  • Ask for whipped cream on top
  • Finish with crushed strawberry inclusions as the final topping

Mary Sanderson Frappuccino

  • Order a Strawberries and Cream Frappuccino
  • Substitute the sweetener for White Mocha Syrup
  • Ask for Strawberry Purée on the bottom and top of the drink
  • Also, include extra strawberry inclusions
  • Finish with a mocha drizzle on top

Sarah Sanderson Frappuccino

  • Order a Violet Drink
  • Add in extra berries
  • Substitute the coconut milk for soy milk
  • Ask for the drink to be double blended
  • Finish with ginger powder sprinkled on top

I want to know, where are the treats around town we could grab?

Hocus Pocus

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