The other day I was looking for my 3 year old son's shoes so we could go outside. The picture tells the story on how unorganized I am about keeping his stuff in place. He has four pairs of shoes, I found one of each. It was too much later that I did find another shoe that matched one of these so we were good to go, but his shoes should probably always be in the same place. That makes the most sense, but sometimes it doesn't always work out that way. Do you do anything fun and creative to make it so their shoes are always in the same place?

Right now at Casa De Riggs, we pretty much have a shoe pile next to the front door when you walk in. It contains shoes, sandals, crocs and even a few winter boots that I haven't bothered putting away yet. I would love to have a shoe shelf like you see at McDonald's playgrounds and places like that. Any tips or ideas from you before I scour Pintrest? Tell me in the comments below.

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