Legends Casino Hotel is known for many events. From comedy shows to concerts. The Legends Casino Pow Wow brings in many visitors from across the Northwest. And sometimes across the country.

This pow wow is one of the biggest pow wows in the Yakama Nation. Not only that but also the stick games. The stick games are a form of gambling in the Native American community.

Legends Casino Hotel Pow Wow and Stickgames is set for May 19-21, 2023. And is free to attend. A lot of people will show up. Not only from the Yakama Nation. But also from around the Northwest.

I grew up in the pow wow circle. I know a lot of people have never been to a pow wow. Even when the Yakama Nation Reservation is a part of the Yakima Valley.

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So here are some tips. For those that have never been to a pow wow. These apply to any pow wow or event on any reservation.

Pictures and Video 
I know in today's world of social media. We all want to get that picture or video. I've even done videos of pow wow across the Yakama Nation. But out of courtesy. It's always a good idea to ask to take someone's picture or video. At a lot of pow wow's the MC will let the audience know when it is NOT appropriate to get a picture or video. For example a scared ceremony. Yes, there are times when it is not ok to get that picture or video.

Where To Sit
A lot of pow wows are outside or in a gymnasium. If you see a blanket set out on a bleacher. That means someone is sitting there. If the dance arena is big enough. People usually bring their own chairs to sit in. Elders are usually sitting in the front. So they can see.

Blanket on Bench
Photo By D-Rez


Bring Cash
It is always a good idea to bring cash. At pow wows there will be vendors. Either for food, arts and crafts, or miscellaneous things. Or someone is walking around raffling something off. Some vendors might not have a card reader.

Ask To Touch Regalia
The dancers and drummer have some nice regalia. Some parts are beaded. And a lot of dancers wear an Eagle feather somewhere. It takes a lot of time to make someone's regalia. Especially the beaded parts. If you want to touch someone's outfit. Ask first, some people also believe in personal space. Sometimes a person's outfit has been handed down to them.

Watch for Eagle feathers. The feathers are very sacred to Native Americans. Those are given to someone for a special occasion. Or they were earned.

If anything, just ask. If you get teased. Well, that is a part of the Native American sense of humor. At pow wows like Legends Casino Hotel or Treaty Days. Or any pow wow. It's a good time to learn. But also have fun.

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