Raise your hand if you love a good avocado! Creamy and delicious they are such a popular fruit and for the longest, I have wanted to grow one from a seed. I've watched all the youtube videos, wrapped one in a damp paper towel, and forgot about it in the cupboard, tried to start them with toothpicks and more until I purchased my first avoseedo!

January 23rd 2020 and so it begins
Sarah Johnson

Look how cute this thing is! It comes with a few little flags so you can put the date you started on it, it takes a bit for the pit to split but once it does, they really start rocking and rolling.

Someone suggested a faster way would be to fold it in a damp paper towel inside a ziplock bag so it sprouts faster and I am excited to test out the theory soon.

This baby got so big I decided to plant it last summer and then I began my journey through TikTok where everyone was cutting their plants in half at six inches. I had never heard of this but it's supposed to promote more growth so  I filmed it!

How Does Your Garden Grow? Avocado Trees

Are you ready to see what has happened in the last five months?

Sarah Johnson
This has been growing since September of 2020

I'm on the hunt for some active charcoal to sop up any extra water because the pot I purchased doesn't have a drainage hole, I am going to keep it in the house. I spoke with Country Farm & Garden, they didn't have charcoal but they suggested non-fire starter briquets or using red rock or pea gravel in the bottom.

We don't live in a warm enough area for this to grow and produce fruit outside, one cold snap of freezing and it will end its chances at reproducing however possibly inside, after ten years it might. That's a ballpark and I just want to see if it will grow big beautiful leaves cause, why not?

My husband and I planted four peonies in the yard over the weekend, very excited to see what happens there. It was a lot easier than I thought, for some reason, I was really anxious about doing it wrong and my Father-in-Law reminded me if I'm not a fan of where I planted it, at the end of the season I can dig it up and move it to a new spot. Crazy how nature works!

Keep collecting your cardboard and also milk jugs for next weeks how does my garden grow, we're going to be making little greenhouses. It's time to start prepping for the season.

Growing Avocado Trees

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