Want To Know How To Grow a Gorgeous Avocado Tree From a Seed?
Who knows what the weather in the Pacific Northwest holds but it's an incredible adventure to continue to attempt to grow and kill and grow again. You can't really say you're a true gardener until you have successfully killed a few things, good and dead, and started again.
Six Must-Have Gardening Items For This Spring
It's officially Spring! It's time to drag out the big bag of potting soil, peruse the plant nursery and bring home a wagon full of flowers! If you're as excited about spring-time weather as I am, here's a lovely list of items to help you get into the gardening mood!
Weekend Activities Across the Yakima Valley
You could support a local restaurant by dining in or take-out. enjoy some red wine and chocolate at our gorgeous wineries, make a plan for the garden and start growing things, take a road trip to a gorgeous spot in Washington State, visit alpacas or chill at home with a digitally downloaded movie
How Does Your Garden Grow: Ziploc Bags and Seeds
You could use this for any type of seed you'd like to get moving faster. Try not to forget them, I also had a bunch of squash seeds, I never wrote what kind and they were going great until they weren't and needed to be thrown out.

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