Don't drink and drive!

It's a phrase you hear often and it never goes without saying as people, daily, are still getting arrested while driving under the influence. I've always heard that Washington state has some of the most strict DUI penalties, but how do these penalties compare to other states? Let's find out where Washington is ranked.

Source: WalletHub

Washington state is ranked 14th place of all 51 listed including Washington DC.

Arizona has the most strict while South Dakota is the least.

Getting a DUI is serious stuff. It often leads to expensive fines, court costs, the price of alcohol treatment and having to drive around with a breathalyzer attached to your car among others. All in all, getting a DUI can add upto $10,000 even for the first DUI and might even lead to jail time.

Basically, don't do it.

DUI Enforcement Infographic

Source: WalletHub

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