If I had any special powers, I'd say one would be the fact that I can fall asleep very quickly. Usually within a minute or two of laying down to go to bed. Sleeping is something many people struggle with. I don't know if my tricks would work for you, but if you have trouble getting to bed, here's what I do.

For the longest time, I trained myself that the bed was for sleeping in. I don't lay down and watch TV for a while, I don't pop in my headphones and listen to music while reading during the day or anything like that. For the longest time I had my bed for sleeping and sleeping only. In doing this, it's basically telling my body that by laying down in bed, that means it's time to go to relax and go to sleep.

I wouldn't recommend this to most, but I like to play a video game before bed. Something that involves working my brain and making it tired. Puzzle games like the Phoenix Wright series (for Nintendo DS) and even games like Tetris makes my brain work hard which eventually makes it tired. I know it counter-acts what I just mentioned before, but this does work for me. It also makes me focus on only what I'm playing and makes me not think about all the crazy things and conversations that happened during the day.

As wrong as this may sound, it's the truth. My wife and I do share a bed, but we have our own sets of blankets. This way we're not waking up trying to steal our blankets back and forth. Once we're asleep, it helps us keep ourselves asleep.

Another thing that helps more my wife than I is that sense of assurance. We check to make sure the stove is turned off and the doors are locked. That sense of not knowing for sure will keep her awake.

That's really all I do. Here are some other great tips. If you have any tips, make sure you put them in the comments below. I'd love to hear about them.