Christmas Eve is one of the most exciting days in the world because tomorrow is Christmas. The anticipation of what comes tomorrow for youngsters gets them all anxious and, if you were like me, had trouble actually getting to sleep on Christmas Eve. As a kid, here's what I did to get to sleep.

My brothers and sisters would spend about half an hour doing sit-ups and push-ups in hopes to wear us out and we'd be so exhausted we'd end up crashing. As much as I want to say this worked, it didn't.

It wasn't until later that I couldn't get to sleep because I had too much on my mind. Too many thoughts were keeping me awake so the best thing I could do was play a video game, preferably in bed. Although you do risk crushing your Nintendo DS or dropping your video game controller if you end up crashing in mid-game, playing a video game while laying down was relaxing and made me focus on my goal or task in the video game. The least action-packed, the better. I prefer games that actually make me use my brain like a Professor Layton or Phoenix Wright because my brain focuses so much on my one puzzle, I conk out. I've also fallen asleep more than once playing Skyrim or some game that involves a lot of just walking around.

Action games like Mortal Kombat, not so much.

Of course, this is what works for me, but maybe your kids don't play video games. Some nights (not always), I'll allow them to watch a movie in bed. More often than not, they'll fall asleep halfway through it.

Playing video games works for me and it's something I do every night to this day, but I'd love to hear what works for you? Sound off in the comments below.

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