My 9-year-old daughter, Willow, wants a VR headset and that thing costs a big chunk of money. I'm going to have to find out where I can put one on layaway. Do you know where I can go?

"Mom, I want a VR headset and controllers! Will you get me one, please?"

"Are you kidding me?!" I said to myself. I mean, come on, she just got a Nintendo Switch Lite for Christmas and she barely plays with that thing. Now she wants a VR headset?

I told her to look up how much a VR headset costs on the internet and then come back and tell me so I can know how much it is. So she went running off to her bedroom to look up the price on her tablet. She did a quick search on Google and came running back into to me, showing me a VR headset. I looked at the price.



I was like, "Are you kidding me?!" I said myself again. "Ain't nobody got no extra $299.99!" (Bad grammar intended.)

I checked on eBay and I looked on Amazon and they're all the same price. And if you do happen to see one that's less than $299, it either doesn't work, or it's only a wall mount accessory, or it's the case that you put the VR headset and controllers in.

Willow stood in front of me with her big poufy natural hair and her big bright smile, and big brown puppy dog eyes and she clasped her hands together and begged, "So, can I get one, Mom? Please? Please?"


Hate to break it to ya kid, but all the cute afros, smiles, and puppy dog eyes in the world aren't going to magically bring your mom an extra $299.99!

So I got to thinking, maybe I could buy a VR headset bundle and just put it on layaway! Do they even still DO layaway in 2021?


So then I went to Google and typed in "Layaway Yakima" and hit the and hit enter button.

The results showed me the following stores still offer layaway:

I was looking for places like Target or Walmart (during the entire year) or GameStop (1624 E Washington Ave). Well guess what, GameStop stopped doing layaway in 2020, so there are no opportunities for layaway in 2021. Grrr.

I did find out that two other stores I saw offer layaway or at minimum leasing: Big Lots over by Target (120 N Fair Ave) and Sleep Shop of Yakima (1811 S 1st St). Unfortunately, neither of those places sell VR Headsets!

It looks like the solution to my problem is to just save my money for the next 12 months and maybe by the time January 2022 rolls around, my daughter can get herself that cute little white VR headset that she's been desperately wanting for these past two years.

If you happen to find out where I can put a VR headset on layaway in the Yakima Valley, let me know!

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