Now is an interesting time of year where, now that it's cooling off outside, you may be using your stove and oven more for cooking. Along with working with boiling water and hot burners, scalds and burns in the kitchen are very dangerous for anyone - even life threatening! Here are some helpful tips to prevent scalds and burns in the kitchen.

According to Washington State Fire Marshal Charles Duffy:

“Scald burns can happen to anyone, and in almost all cases, they are completely avoidable.”

You don't need to wait for Fire Prevention Week to practice safety any time of year. The State Fire Marshal's office reminds everyone that most typical scald burns happen doing every day activities like bathing, cooking at eating.

Keep these tips in mind:

  • The most frequent source of burns to children occur from hot foods and liquids spilled in the kitchen
  • Never hold a child while drinking something hot.
  • Don't carry hot liquids when children may be underneath you.
  • When cooking and you have small children, it may be a good idea to place them in an infant seat (high chair, ect.), playpen or with another adult to keep them out of the kitchen.
  • Always check temperatures before giving hot food and drinks to children.
  • Use extreme caution when using deep fryers.
  • Poke or slice holes in plastic pouches and plastic wrap covers before heating in a microwave to reduce steam build up.
  • Always turn handles inward toward the center of your stove to keep out of reach of children and for accidental bumps.
  • Keep your stove grease-free. Build-up from grease may catch fire.

If you have any more great tips, leave them in the comments below.