Halloween, the time of the year people can get very creative with their costumes. Either they are trying to win a contest or they just want to dress up for fun. From dressing up as a cop, firefighter, or their favorite character from a TV show or movie.

But some costumes do cross lines to being offensive. For example, what I am, Native American. People may think it's cute or funny to wear a headdress or a war bonnet for Halloween. Or just the costume itself. But in reality it's not cute or funny. I know a lot of people -- celebrities, for example -- might not even realize it is offensive to dress as a Native American for Halloween.

But it is offensive. As a Native myself, I do get offended when I see someone who is not a tribal member dressing up and mocking what I am. From ceremonies to powwows, what we wear has meaning to us. I have talked with people who have dressed up like a Native for Halloween just so that they understand where I'm coming from.

As I explain it in the video, however you dress up at Halloween, make sure to have fun, be safe and be considerate.

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