If you were to ask any Pacific Northwest foodie what some of the most popular foods we think of in our region, there are a cornucopia of dishes that come to mind. Today, I will focus on these five here, hoping that I will inspire those new to the area to venture out and enjoy the food!

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Flavored Pepper Jellies: Look at pretty much any charcuterie plate in the PNW and you'll likely find some flavor of pepper jelly. Pike Place Market has entire stores dedicated to a vast array of flavors, including mouth-popping flavors like habanero, peach-chipotle, cherry pepper jelly, and if you are brave (and loco en la cabeza, ghost pepper jelly. Woodring's comes to mind (Pike Place Market) and there's also Mick's Peppouri. If you have never tried pepper jelly, the key is to put a teaspoon full of it on your cheese and crackers, or on a piece of bread (bruschetta bread is the best)!

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Walla Walla Onions: I first heard of Walla Walla back in the 80s when that crazy chick, Tonya, was on The Real World: Chicago. She put Walla Walla, Washington on the map for me. She kept saying it was the home of the sweet Walla Walla onions. Being a youngster, I had never heard of these so-called onions, but once I moved to Washington, I was sure to look it up!

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Tamales: Washington state has award-winning tamales and tamales that are unsung heroes. My favorite tamales in the world are found at Mercedes and Family (2201 W Lincoln Ave) and I have been getting my tamales there for the past decade. Los Hernandez Tamales (3706 Main St, Union Gap) is famous for their asparagus tamales, they are so famous they won a coveted James Beard Award a few years back!

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Asian-Fusion Cuisine: There are so many Asian cultures that have a home here in the Pacific Northwest and they are truly immersed in our food culture. Here you can find world-class fusion recipes of Chinese, Japanese, Filipino, Vietnamese, and Southeast Asian dishes. We are blessed to have among us combinations of Lumpia, sushi, Phó, pancit, egg rolls, curries served with rice, samosas, dumplings, and so much more to please all of your senses!

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Indian Fry Bread: Washington state is home to the traditional lands of some 29 Indigenous tribes, Oregon is home to 9 tribes, and Alaska is home to 231 recognized Native American tribes. American Indian food has reigned supreme among the best of traditional PNW foods. If you haven't been lucky enough to try some Indian Fry Bread, you need to hurry up and get some. Your mouth will thank you immediately and later!



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