What a week! I have been attempting to keep up the workouts, but without a scheduled gym time it's been hit and miss. One thing I have been able to commit to is trying to get 40 pushups in a row going. If you are just reading about this, here's day one:

Earlier this week I challenged Steve from Leadership Yakima to some pushups in our lobby, and then this happened!

Back story: I thought Steve said noon, so I showed up a little early to the YMCA. They told me I could head up to the fourth floor, but when I got up there no one was around. So I waited and decided to do some of my squats into pushups that I do when I am not in the gym!

It was past noon, so I was thinking maybe the class wasn't happening. Then I ended up completing 5 sets of 10 each and then he found me and let me know the class started at 12:15 pm. I was already sweating! Ugh!

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