Not gonna lie I have been a little nervous to rent books from the Yakima Library due to the fact, I thought I hadn't returned a book back in the day. I have seen viral stories of someone receiving years' worth of late fees that added up from not returning a book and so I have held off, but I wanted to start something fun. Storytime with Sarah J, that's coming soon, so I reached out to the Yakima Libraries, got the permissions we needed, and next week my first story will be posted within the guidelines from the publishers, so stay tuned. Turns out, I have no late fees. Whew!

Sarah Johnson
You can't go in right now but that shouldn't stop you from reaching out

We set-up a pick-up at the West Valley Library and I wanted to let you know, don't hesitate AT ALL when it comes to checking out a book, DVD, and more from the library. It was SO easy and the librarian was so kind.

If you already have a library card you can visit them online, sign-in, and rent what you like. You'll receive a notification when your items are ready and then you can drive to the library of your choosing and outside of the building they will have numbered parking spaces. The phone number of the library is listed on them, so give the librarian a call and they will bring your books out, in a bag and set them on a table. This table is full of activities for the kids so it's like a double gift of a new adventure to read and some fun activities for the kids.

Yakima Valley Libraries

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