Yesterday I was scrolling through Facebook when I stopped on a blurry video of a kitten a friend had found and was searching for a good home...I messaged her without thinking and within hours she was mine! I was a bit overwhelmed/excited to become a cat Mom because honestly, I have never lived with a cat before. I don't really know what they need, like or how to care for them so I started googling everything under the sun.

I had not even seen her in person but I knew it was going to be awesome. Denise was so kind, she had wanted to make sure the kitten went to a good home so she went the extra mile to make sure it was a smooth transition she helped me with a starter kit of kitten stuff like a litter box and a carrying case, her girls picked out a cute collar for her and also kitten food.

I'd rushed out after the show to grab her a bed and a few cats need pee pads? Nope. Do they need a scratching post? Yes. Should you let them nibble on you when they are little, no because those nibbles turn into scratches and bites that will also start happening to your guests as well.

I read they should be introduced to one room at a time so they don't freak out with too much space. They need loads of stimulation and love in those first few weeks also it's good to have guests over so they get accustomed to other people.

At first, we went with the name Sheba but after our first night this morning, I have decided her name will be Winifred Luna Johnson.

I attempted to try and put on Hocus Pocus so she could meet her namesake but couldn't find it so we settled into The Age of Adeline and I got my first-morning cuddles and snuggles with her. So awesome.

Last night we didn't sleep much. Within hours she was running around the living room and playing with her toys, she used her litter box like she's been doing it for years and ate a ton of food so I am feeling really good about things.

Apparently cats have a third eyelid when they blink and her right one is not going back down as it should so I have some ointment we've been using, already seems to be better and she will get a full check-up on Monday.

Winifred Luna Johnson

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